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Lautsprecher der absoluten Spitzenklasse aus Klangholz mit Breitbandchassis

Technische Daten

8" enviee full range driver
Ribbon super tweeter for HF enhancement
Side exit hybrid transmission line/rear horn loading
Floating tone wood enclosure in solid alpine spruce and maple
Unique enclosure suspension largely decoupled from driver/stand
93dB sensitivity, ideal for tubes
Enclosure size w.340 x h.800 x d.280 mm
Over all foot print w.420 x h.1160 x d.360 mm
Weight each 20 kg including stand


Design and concept : soundkaos
Electro-acoustical engineering/voicing :
Christien Ellis, CE Electro-Acoustics,
Drivers by : Galm Audio Produkte,, Raal,

1st product > 1st review > 1st Award

Garantie: 3 Jahre

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Ahorn, Nussbaum oder Kirsche, inklusiv Fuss:
CHF 14'000.- / Paar